100 COS Double Matte Blue Protective Sleeves Trading Cards (66 x 91 mm) $5.00 **This product Qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!**

A great way to protect small gaming / trading cards with these CheckOutStore Matte Clear translucent protective sleeves with colored backs.

  • Matte Clear Front / Matte Blue
  • Size: 66 x 91 mm (MTG Pokemon Baseball Dropmix Sized Gaming Cards)
  • Thickness: 2 mil
  • Each sleeve holds a single card & protects cards while handling
  • Acid free archival quality
  • Pack of 50 Sleeves


300 Clear 12 Disc DVD Cases $295.00 **In Stock! Same Day Fast Shipping.**

  • This case is almost 3 times as thick as a standard DVD case
  • Accommodates up to 12 discs
  • Has a clear outer plastic “full wrap” to hold artwork
  • Utilizes a push hub to hold discs
  • Case color is clear
  • Also holds standard size CD media as well

Approximate Dimensions:
External: 135.00 x 190.00 x 39.00mm
Inches: 5 3/8 x 7 1/2 x 1 1/2
Spine: 39.00mm (1 1/2 inches)

50 #3 Jiffy Jiffylite 8.5×14.5 TuffGard Poly Bubble Mailers $31.00 **In Stock! Same Day Fast Shipping.**

Jiffy Tuffgard Premium Cushioned Mailers are made from puncture-resistant water-resistant tamper-resistant poly with a clean white textured surface for secure label application. Heat-seal seams will not burst. Mailers have a 3/16″ high Barrier Bubble layer for maximum cushioning. Use easy closure to seal. Simply peel away the liner and seal. Mailers are lightweight to save on postage.

  • Water resistant Barrier Bubble lining
  • Moisture- puncture- and rip-resistant
  • Co-extruded heat-sealed seams
  • Self-seal closure with tamper indicator
  • Made in USA