10 PREMIUM STANDARD Blu-Ray Double DVD Cases 12MM $17.50 **This product Qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!**

  • Made of premium high quality super clear polypropylene plastic with blue color dye.
  • Clear outer sleeve allows artwork insert. Inside the case there are booklet tabs allowing booklet insert.
  • Strong push button hub allows disc to be locked tightly when case is closed.
  • By pressing down the push button hub the user can remove the disc smoothly without having to forcefully pull out the disc.
  • This push button hub design prevents bending and scratching of your precious Blu-ray discs.
  • Included 2 interior plastic clips which can hold a DVD booklet.
  • Holds 2 DVD CD Blu-ray media.

Approximate Dimensions:
External: 171.00 x 135.00 x 12.00mm
Inches: 6 3/4 x 5 3/8 x 1/2
Spine: 12.00mm ( 1/2 inches)


10 SLIM SUPER Clear CD Jewel Cases $12.30 **This product Qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!**

The Slimline CD Jewel Case is half thickness of a Standard CD Jewel Case. The thin case allows for greater space utilization and shipping efficiencies it allows you to safely package any standard size CD or DVD. Made of high quality hard plastic this Slimline CD Jewel Case product features clips to hold standard size case inserts. A great space saving packaging solution.

  • Shape: Square/Rectangular
  • Material: Polystyrene


  • Lightweight only 1/4″ thick

How to use the DVD Case:

Simply place the DVD or CD on hub in the center of the tray.

Approximate Dimensions:
External: 142.00 x 124.00 x 5.20mm
Inches: 5 5/8 x 4 7/8 x 1/4
Spine: 5.20mm ( 1/4 inches)

10 STANDARD Black Single DVD Cases 14MM (Machinable Quality) $18.00 **This product Qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!**

These Low Cost single Black DVD cases are ideal for standard use. DVD Cases have a clear/transparent cover for labels or graphics covering the front and the back as well as clips inside for holding manuals. These low cost inexpensive black DVD Cases are perfect for the easy storage of all your DVD or CD Discs! Also suitable as a replacement DVD Case.

  • Made from recycled polypropylene (Machinable Quality)
  • Holds 1 DVD or CD
  • No DVD logo or DVD symbol inside (Can be used for CD!)

Approximate Dimensions:
External: 135.00 x 190.00 x 14.00mm
Inches: 5 3/8 x 7 1/2 x 1/2
Spine: 14.00mm ( 1/2 inches)

100 Ritek Ridata 16X DVD-R 4.7GB White Inkjet Hub Printable $33.95 **This product Qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!**

Ritek has manufactured DVD-R 16X with the latest DVD manufacturing technology. Ritek was informed formally by DVD-Forum A-grade lab. to pass the certification of DVD-R 4.7GB General use. Ritek shows its innovative technology in DVD field. Ritek DVD-R delivers stunning video resolution and audio performance for multimedia.

  • Media Type: DVD-R DVD-Recordable Blank Media for General Use
  • Max Speed Supported / Capacity: 16X / 4.7GB
  • Top Surface: White Inkjet Hub Printable
  • Conform to DVD Specifications for Recordable Disc Ver. 2.0 (4.7GB)
  • Excellent compatibility with writers and players
  • Relatively low cost per megabyte
  • Long-term data archiving and storage life time
  • Utilizes superb premium organic dye that ensures stable writing with excellent quality

1200 Sony 48x CD-R 80min 700MB (Sony Logo on Top) $199.99 **This product Qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!**

Strict quality control and superior manufacturing processes enable Sony CD-R to deliver the mechanical precision needed to meet todays high-speed recording requirements. Sony CD-R provides 700MB of permanent data storage or 80 minutes of digital audio recording.

  • Product Type CD-R Media
  • Storage Capacity 700 MB
  • Form Factor 120mm Standard
  • Package Type Bulk
  • Packing Shrinkwrap
  • Writing Compatibility CD-R/RW Drive
  • Maximum Archival Life 100 Year
  • Surface Type Logo Printed
  • Up to one million read cycles
  • Ultra-stable organic pigment
  • Etched pregroove assists record laser tracking helps maintain low data errors