100 JVC Taiyo Yuden Value Line 8x DVD-R Silver Thermal Lacquer $33.95 **This product Qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!**

JVC Taiyo Yudens 8X speed DVD-R disks provide exceptional quality for general use and feature silver thermal surface configurations. The extraordinarily versatile 8X DVD-R media can be used with the new higher-speed DVD writers from Sony Pioneer and other leading manufacturers as well as upgraded 2X writers from Apple Pioneer and others.

Top-Notch Performance Reliability and Archival Life!
JVC Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R disks offer 4.7GB of write-once storage capacity and superior recording quality. They provide the highest level of performance reliability and archival life. In addition JVC Taiyo Yuden DVD-R media deliver broad read compatibility with the vast majority of DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video players in use today. These affordable 8X DVD-R discs offer exceptional solutions for a wide range of applications including home and professional video recording DVD content development DVD duplication PC back-up and data archiving.

Manufacturer: JVC Taiyo Yuden
Manufacturer Part#: J-DMR-VALZZ-SK (Made in Japan)
Media Code: TYG02

  • Media Type: DVD-R DVDR Blank Media
  • Storage Capacity: 4.7GB
  • Recording Speed: 1X – 8X
  • Top Surface: Silver Thermal Lacquer


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