25 Ridata Blu-ray 4X BD-R 25GB Disc White Inkjet Hub $34.95 **In Stock! Same Day Fast Shipping.**

Why use five discs when all you need is one? Ridata Blu-Ray DVDs (BD-R) have 25GB of storage–five times the storage capacity of a normal DVD–and can hold 4.5 hours of HD video and 11.5 hours of SD video. The next generation of optical media is here consumer-friendly and ready to make your life easier.

Blu-Ray is the next-generation blue-violet laser optical disc format created for recording and playback of high-definition video or for storing large amounts of data. A Blu-Ray disc will store over 4.5 hours of high-definition video or about 11.5 hours of standard-definition video on a 25GB disc.

Features & Benefits:

  • High definition – movies music gaming and PC
  • High compatibility – backwards compatible
  • High quality – superior audio and visual quality
  • High versatility – robust disc technology

Technical Information:

  • Capacity:25GB
  • Recording speeds available:2X 4X
  • White Inkjet Hub Printable


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