500 Ritek Ridata Business Card 24X CD-R 50MB Shiny Silver /w Vinyl Sleeves $175.00 **This product Qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!**

  • Media Type: BIZ Card CD-R Disc
  • Capacity: 50MB/5 Minutes
  • Top Surface: Shiny Silver
  • Recording Layer: Modified Cyanine Dye
  • Dimension: 80 +/- 0.2mm in Length 61 +/- 0.1mm in Width
  • Center Hole Size: Standard “22mm” Center Hole
  • Recording Speed: 2X/4X/8X/12X/16X/24X Certified
  • Life: 100 years with proper care / read more than 1000000 times.
  • Usage/Facts: CDR are designed to write from the inside out therefore Mini CD-R has no problem with any burner. It is designed to fit in the recess tray of a CD Drive. It is ideal for presentation media and important documents about yourself/company.
  • Remarks: Perfect for the Primera Bravo Bravo II and BravoPro with Business Card Adapter Kit

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