100 COS Paper Record Inner Sleeves Polylined With Hole for 10″ Vinyl Records $26.95 **This product Qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!**

The CheckOutStore 10″ Polylined Paper Record Sleeves are a archival quality product. We use high quality premium 24# white paper lined with acid-free polypropylene.

  • Protect Collectible 10″ Records
  • Will hold one 10-inch vinyl disc
  • Virgin 24# paper Acid-free polypropylene liner
  • Approx Exterior Dimension: 10 1/8 X 10


10 Playstation Vita Replacement Cases $20.00 **This product Qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!**

Playstation Vita Replacement Cases for 1 Playstation Vita Cartridge.

  • Made of premium high quality polypropylene.
  • Clear outer sleeve allows artwork insert.
  • Interior plastic clips which can hold a booklet.

External: 104.00mm x 133.00mm x 10.00mm (4 1/8″ x 5 1/4″ x 3/8″ inches)
Spine: 10.00mm … ( 3/8 inches)

200 Princo 8X BUDGET DVD-R 4.7GB White Top $48.00 **In Stock! Same Day Fast Shipping.**

  • High quality organic dye recording layer materials improve short wavelength recording characteristics for reliable recording and playback.
  • Precise substrate molding and improved disc bonding technologies effectively control tilt of the disc for outstanding reliability and durability.
  • Compatible format for DVD-ROM master disc production and a high capacity for archive storage
  • DVD-R 4.7GB Media is suitable for all mass data storage need.
  • Memory-capacity of 4.7 GB 8X speed general use blank media.
  • Suitable for DVD Video & Data backup
  • Compatible on most DVD-Video players & DVD-ROM drives
  • Commercial and Home DVD-Video production
  • Large sized data archive storage
  • Compatible only with the General purpose DVD-R Burner

60 Memorex 40X Digital Audio Music CD-R 80min 700MB (Logo on Top) $22.95 **In Stock! Same Day Fast Shipping.**

Memorex Music CD-R media is specially designed for music files to be recognized in the widest range of audio systems and computer devices. Music CD-R is perfect for backing up your music library or saving your custom music mixes.

  • Offers the best playback and recording compatibility with computer and home audio recorders and players
  • Perfect for saving data files or backing-up your favorite music
  • Data Capacity: 700 MB
  • Audio Storage: 80 Minutes
  • Max. Speed: 40X

Note: Purchase of a sample is highly recommended.

25 SLIM RED Color Double CD Jewel Cases $19.00 **This product Qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!**

The Slimline CD Jewel Case is half thickness of a Standard CD Jewel Case. The thin case allows for greater space utilization and shipping efficiencies it allows you to safely package any standard size CD or DVD. Made of high quality hard plastic and a great space saving packaging solution.

  • Shape: Square/Rectangular
  • Holds 2 discs in one 5mm case
  • Self-hanging feature

Approximate Dimensions:
External: 142.00 x 124.00 x 5.20mm
Inches: 5 5/8 x 4 7/8 x 1/4
Spine: 5.20mm ( 1/4 inches)